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Featuring some of our Festival Awards & Scholarships from the Past…


Baby Don’t Dance (Sundre Advance Jazz) received 1st Place

Leave the Light On (Sundre Advance Lyrical) received 1st Place

Just the Way You Are (Olds Novice/Intermediate Ballet) received 1st Place

Celloopa (Olds Advance Ballet) received 1st Place

Special Delivery (Sundre Advance Hip Hop) received 1st OVERALL


Welcome Home (Olds Advance Contemporary) received 1st Place

Mulan (Sundre Advance Tap) received 1st Place

Baby Don’t Dance (Sundre Advance Jazz) received 1st Place

Celloopa (Olds Advance Ballet) received 3rd OVERALL

Mulan (Sundre Advance Tap) received 2nd OVERALL

Special Delivery (Sundre Advance Hip Hop) received 1st OVERALL


Special Delivery (Sundre Advance Hip Hop) received OVERALL Winner

Queen (Combo Line) received Joe Adams Memorial $75 Scholarship

We Thuggin (Sundre Teen Hip Hop) received Crowd Pleaser

The Greatest Show (Tap Line) received Staci Adams Memorial $150 Scholarship


Special Delivery (Sundre Advance Hip Hop) received a Biggest Crowd Pleaser and a $50 scholarship

Home (Olds Inter/Advance Teen Tap) received Most Memorable Routine and a $50 scholarship.

Customer Reviews

“The teachers are amazing and creative! The students and families are so wonderful and hardworking. A really amazing group!!” – Jennifer Stefanowich, Sundre Parent

“My Daughter has fallen in love with MYD school. Wonderful teachers and it runs smoothly with great efficiency.” – Jayne Wright, Olds Parent

“Our granddaughter Sammy Campkin dances with this club and I have been to the end of year recitals.. wonderful” – Lorraine Uveges, Sundre Grandparent

“The teachers are caring and creative and my daughter enjoys being part of each of their classes. We would definitely recommend move yourself to anyone looking for a great studio!” – Pam Westman, Olds Parent

“We’ve been involved in this studio for several years and it feels like a family. My girls love it and so do I!” – Lisa Hallett, Olds Parent

“We love attending festivals and showcases. Move yourself never disappoints!!” – Nancy Kelly, Olds Grandparent

“Everyone is so nice and you learn so many cool things. Thanks” – Hannah Turnbull, Olds Student

“I’ve been dancing there for 9 years and I absolutely love it there!” – Chacie Stefanowich, Sundre Student

“My daughter loves her dance instructors at move yourself dance!! We love how organized they are and super helpful when we were ‘new’ too dance!” – Michele Blackhurst, Sundre Parent

“Love the dances the music and the friendliness of the girls. I recommend this dance club.” – Sandra Martini, Olds Grandparent

“Move Yourself is an amazing studio! The instructors are knowledgeable and creative. I appreciate how organized and communicative the studio is as well.” – Melynda Crampton, Olds Parent

“Move Yourself is an amazing studio with amazing teachers and dancers. Move Yourself has become my second home and my family. It is a great studio with a very supportive environment.” – Jane Turnbull, Olds Student

“Move Yourself Dance is a fantastic studio to develop dance skills and made new friends. Thank you to the wonderful instructors over the years that have helped my dancers to increase their skills!” – Jody Kennedy, Olds Parent


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