Fall Sessionals

Interested in dance for your 3 or 4 year old?

Try a Fall Sessional For First Steps Music & Movement!


This is where it all begins!! Skills are introduced in their most basic form, which helps build a solid foundation helpful in future dance study. Concentration is on developmental skills needed to execute primary dance steps. While this class is gently structured for the younger students, it focuses mainly on building gross and fine motor skills, coordination, while encouraging creativeness and imagination. Maintaining a structure of Basic Ballet, the class will also occasionally venture into the world of treasure box dress up. Children must be 3 yrs. old by the start of the class.

Fall Sessional Registration Forms

Fall Sessional Registration – Sundre 2017

Fall Sessional Registration – Olds 2017



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Move Yourself Dance Ltd. is a privately-owned company. Because you are paying us to teach dance and take care of all the details of organizing events and providing the education and services, you do not have to provide or pay for any additional volunteer hours!