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Move Yourself Dance Sundre is proud to hold our dance classes in our bright and beautiful studio space located at the former Thrift Store Building on the Museum grounds. Resembling old-style dance schools one might find in artistic neighbourhoods of New York City, it is an inspiring and creative environment for teachers and students alike. 

sundre studio
sundre studio


Move Yourself Dance Olds holds our classes at the newly remodeled Air Cadet Hall (formerly the Olds Recreation Centre) in September 2011. Thanks to the work of volunteers from the community and the Rotary Club, the hall has transformed into a light-filled, spacious facility for our students to enjoy.

olds studio map

Parent Viewing Policies

We would like to remind parents that after the first couple weeks of class, parent viewing is not permitted until the Official Parent Viewing Week. Dance Studios enlist this policy to provide quality dance instruction without distractions to students. Particularly in younger age groups, parents watching the class causes students to be distracted as they see their parents &/or siblings in the waiting room and lose focus in class. This usually makes it difficult for them to keep attention on their instructor and what steps they are working on.


Students and Parents are reminded to email the office@moveyourselfdance.com if a student is unable to attend their regularly scheduled classes. By informing the instructor of a planned absence, we all ensure the lines of communication remain open and instructors do not have to worry about what happened to a student if we know they are not able to be at class on a specific date.

Attendance Policy

We have a MANDATORY attendance policy. This policy will be in place between January to May. For ALL students registered in festivals, we will require them to miss no more than 3 unexcused classes between these months. If there are more than 3 unexcused absences, the dancer will be unable to participate in festivals. This attendance policy will help ensure the success of all our dancers and groups at festivals. We want our dances to be the best they can be before we take them to festivals so dancers will have to work hard in class and really push themselves. For those dancers and groups participating in festivals they will need to make a commitment to come to class every week and work very hard to complete the dance routine. Good attendance is extremely important when preparing for festivals; students need to be present in class so they can learn the new choreography and take in the important corrections from their instructors. If you have any questions regarding the Attendance Policy please contact office@moveyourselfdance.com.

*Unexcused Absences will be any classes that the parents have not already made prior arrangements with the instructors, Miss. Christine or Miss. Heidi about the absence.*

Year-End Showcase

Showcase is our year end show that gives our dancers a chance to perform for their family and friends and show off all their hard work.

Sessional classes are not required to perform in the recital. All full-season classes are expected to participate and will begin preparing their dances in December. Unless instructors have been notified before choreography begins, dancers are required to fulfill their commitment to this event.


Participating in festivals is a great way for dancers to gain performance experience and step out into the world of dance. Please see our Year At A Glance for our Festival Information Nights, this will be an impromptu information night that will help parents understand more about festivals and what they entail.

Students registered for First Steps Music & Movement (Sessional), Dance, Dream & Discover and Tipity-Tapity Toes will not be attending festivals this year.

Extra Choreo – Solo, Duet & Small Groups

Students who are interested in performing solos, duets, or extra groups in recital and/or festivals are required to complete an Extra Choreography Application Form. Students will be accepted based on dedication, commitment and attitude shown in class. There will be an extra charge for these sessions, made payable directly to the instructor.

Extra Choreography Application

Assistant Dance Teachers

Dancers who are at least 12 years of age are invited to complete an application form to join our Assistant Dance Teacher Program. Students will assist teachers with younger classes and begin learning the skills and techniques involved with becoming a dance teacher. At least 2 years of experience is required in the discipline with which students wish to assist. Students must also be currently enrolled in that discipline with Move Yourself Dance Ltd.

Successful applicants will be responsible for volunteering to assist our dance instructors on a weekly basis for the full dance year. This is an important leadership role and behaviour must be that of a role model both inside and outside the dance studio. Younger students and peers look up to Assistant Teachers and this position is considered a privilege as well as excellent opportunity for leadership development. The applications will be reviewed by Move Yourself Dance’s Directors/Instructors, and applicants and their parents will be notified prior to the end of September.

Assistant Dance Teacher Application